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Description of Services

Grinding and Polishing of stones - Interior and exterior stone cleaning to Commercial building, residential, industrial, hospitality etc. by a group of professionals and trained team.

Marble Stain Removal – This is a process to remove deep stains from stone flooring utilizing special liquid chemicals from Italy.

Installation, Restoration and Maintenance - Ensuring the stone is always protected, our staff will conduct site inspection before project commencement and we will use the most suitable material to protect the adjacent areas from any damage.

Marble Cleaning and Polishing – This process is done following regular procedures of Marble and Grinding Treatment plus we will provide extra ordinary services by using a Diamond Stones Method.

Marble Crystallization – There are two methods of this treatment; Powder and Liquid. This is used to enhance the polishing of the stone to have a mirror like effect.

Sealant of materials – We recommend this treatment to be used to protect the stone from any future stains like salt and mold. Please note prior to installation the stone should be sealed on all 6 sides to prevent any moisture raising from the floor. Once stone is already installed and this process has not been carried out, it is difficult to keep removing stains that are rising from the base.

ACCESO can also recommend suitable sealants, polishing, chemicals to suit each and every stone for interior and exterior works. Our trained staff is required to view the site prior to providing quotation and recommendation for works to be carried out at the site.

Protection of the site – All painted walls, fixed joinery works, Columns, Doors and Architraves, Skirtings (if not stone) are to be protected against water spillage by using special plastic sheets which are supplied and installed by ACCESO Cleaning Services.

ACCESO Cleaning Services has a dedicated technical team equipped with professional machines to provide a solution to any kind of natural stones.

ACCESO Staff is highly trained in this field ensuring that health and safety is being observed and carried out at all times from our Office to our Clients sites ensuring their safety and public property is always protected.